EVAH PIRAZZI GOLD violin string SET by Pirastro

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The Evah Pirazzi GOLD violin strings from PIRASTRO are modern synthetic strings with excellent tonal qualities. The strings allow both fine differentiations and powerful and punchy violin playing. The G-string is wound with gold and has a rounded full sound.

  • New sound quality of the synthetic strings
  • brillant, classy-italian und gold-coloured sound
  • suggestive power of the sound
  • extraordinary pedaling post-pulse characteristics
  • extremly short break-in time
  • E-string stainless steel with ball end, great, classy and smooth sound to the highest notes
  • A string aluminium wound, high note, quick response
  • D string silver wound, high note, quick response
  • G string gold wound, fantastic round and full sound
  • finest differentation at the quiet sounds and at playing on the fingerboard
  • transforming higher bow stress into powerful sound volume
  • Pirastro code colour at tailpiece:
  • gold with coil black
Pirastro tone colouring at overcoil hairspring:
  • E - green
  • A - black
  • D - pink
  • G golden brown
  • G silver - honey

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violin strings

With this new Evah Pirazzi GOLD strings Pirastro enters in a new sound quality of the synthetic strings. The brillant, classy-italian and gold-coloured sound is usually rather assigned to strings made out of gut. The suggestive power of this ideal harmonized set results from ist extraordinary pedaling post-pulse characteristics. The strings Evah Pirazzi GOLD allow finest differentation at the quiet sounds and at playing on the fingerboard, but also resist high bow stress and transform it into powerful sound volume. At the same time, the instrumentalist gets a excellent acoustic feedback without any delay; nuances of expression by the left hand are optimally assigned. The G string with gold covering is characterized through its round and full sound, the G string with silver covering accentuates more the brilliance. The rich tone volume is developed similarly at both coverings - gold as silver. D and A string both possess - convenient to the both alternatives of the G string - high notes, quick response and a wide, targeted sound projection. Thanks to the innovative base material of the new E string made out of stainless steel, there is an excellent response and its great, classy and smooth sound to the highest notes.
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EVAH PIRAZZI GOLD rosin by Pirastro
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