PIRASTRO Evah Pirazzi Gold viola strings SET

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  • Evah Pirazzi Gold strings with modern synthetic fibre core
  • brilliant, noble-italian and golden coloured tone
  • full and very large tone, impressive tone volume
  • wide sound spectrum
  • dynamic range: finest separation in the quiet range and when playing at the finderboard possible
  • can withstand higher bow pressure and transform it into a powerful tone volume
  • excellent responce over entire dynamic range
  • very short break-in time, shorther than with the Evah Pirazzi and Obligato
  • excellent tuning stability
  • completely insensitive to temperature- and humidity fluctuations
  • noble and smooth sound up to the highest ranges
  • slightly warmer than the Passione steel A-string
  • great depth in the tone and no metallic sharpness at the ear
  • enormous carrying capacity and strength
  • Pirastro code colour at tailpiece:
  • gold with coil black
  • Pirastro tone colouring at overcoil hairspring:
  • A - black
  • D - pink
  • G silver - brown
  • C tungsten-silver - pale violet

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