RONDO cello string SET by Thomastik-Infeld

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The RONDO cello strings by Thomastik-Infeld were developed to fully exploit the playful potential of professional cellists. They offer outstanding performance on a wide variety of instrument types. They were specifically designed for solo playing with modern instruments; however, the playing experience on old instruments has also proven to be excellent.

RONDO cello strings support the solo design power, are very expressive and have a full, deep sound. The strings are maximally resilient and have a large dynamic range.

The A and D strings made of carbon steel are wound with a multiple alloy. They ensure a powerful and focused sound. The G and C strings with a spiral core are wound with tungsten / chrome. They are of exceptional sonority, also have a powerful sound and a saturated depth. The homogeneity in the transition of the 4 strings goes hand in hand with an effortless presence. Even in the most delicate pianissimo, they keep their full potential.

RONDO cello strings can be played practically immediately and quickly develope their full sound potential. They respond immediately and inspire with excellent tuning stability and an exceptionally long service life. They offer a rich abundance of sound modulation in all registers and an excellent balance between warmth and brilliance.

  • A-D-G-C with ball
  • A-string carbon steel core / multiple alloy wound
  • D-string carbon steel core / multiple alloy wound
  • G-string wound with spiral core / tungsten/chrome
  • C-string wound with spiral core / tungsten/chrome
  • medium tension

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