PIRASTRO Perpetual EDITION cello strings SET

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The Perpetual Edition is a set of power-packed strings. Shine radiates audibly into the room, tone by tone, without any metallic sharpness.
With the Perpetual Edition, musicians have a palette with all the colours in their hands, from the focused, bright sound to the room-filling warmth. The strings fulfill their desire for projection in an impressive way - with sonority, volume, flexibility and a playability whose lightness inspires. The resistance of the Perpetual Edition, which is perceived as pleasant, causes a very fast and direct response especially with the low strings.

  • with ball end
  • minimized break-in time
  • Pirastro's most powerful cello strings
  • extremely wide sound spectrum due to unique swing-out behavior
  • very pleasant response
  • excellent durability

Perpetual Edition medium set (art. 390849

  • A and D steel / chrome steel, medium
  • G and C cable / tungsten, medium

A string: bright in the first few minutes, then turns into a very round, broad and brilliant sound with a dark tone. A string that touches with its enamel.

D string: »strong« string with great depth and enormous volume. Has a lot of body and strength in abundance, always warm and supportive in tone. Wonderfully easy to play.

G-string: A string that wants to be tamed, challenges the cellist and influences the whole movement in terms of radiance and thunderstorm. Focused sound with a colorful spectrum and warmth in the base.

C-string: core and depth with directness and clarity. Very large volume. Even with the smallest bow pulses, the basic tone is always audible. Large and very long swing-out behavior. Impressive precision in sound.

String set mix of Perpetual Soloist and Edition, strong (art. 390850)

  • A string: Perpetual Soloist, steel / chrome steel, strong
  • D string: Perpetual Edition, steel / chrome steel, medium
  • G string: Perpetual Edition, cable / tungsten, medium
  • C string: Perpetual Edition, cable / tungsten, strong

NEW: C-string Edition, strong. This C string offers a very powerful and robust sound combined with a sonorous and wonderfully warm tone. The unique special construction leads to improved torsional rigidity and tuning stability with a very fast and direct bow response. It is the most powerful C string in the PIRASTRO range.

Pirastro recommends the Evah Pirazzi Gold Rosin as a suitable rosin for these cello strings. (Art.501072)

Pirastro item number 333050.