Shaped cases

Shaped cases for violin and viola


The shaped case is a violin- or viola case, whichshape is adapted tothe silhouetteof the instrument- in other wordstowards the neck it ismuch narrower.Therefore,theshaped cases arecomparativelysmall and lightcasesand are usedmainly bystudents.There are shaped cases for violin or viola in (almost) every size and price categories, whereby mostmodelsratherare in the rangeoffavorablecases. They are basicallyjust as safe as oblong cases. The materials used arethe same and thesuspension systemof the instrumentis also standard.Theoriginal ViolinCases byGewaorJakob Winterwithinterior inred or blue are nowadaysjoined byvery inexpensivemodels byPacatoorAmato.

Structure of shaped cases

Crucial for the stability and the weight of the shaped case is the used (corde-) material.

Thisforms theactual protectiveshell around theinstrumentand is usuallyan additional packagingfor optical reasons.The carboxyliccasesitis, for example,that the core material(carbon)is visible.For shaped cases

with a wooden corethisis, however,usually

hidden. The interior ismostlymade of velorinred or blue,along with 2 installed bow holdersfor theviolin-or viola bow.

Advantages and disadvantages ofshapecases

The biggest advantagesofshapedcases arethe already mentionedhandiness andthecomparativelylow weight. Especially for(younger)students, who need to bringtheir instrumentto the orchestraandalsooften havetheir completeschoolequipment with them,a small, lightweight violaor violinshaped casecan be arelief.However, there arealso some disadvantagesinshapedcasesabout which oneshouldbe aware of.Due to the smallersize, theexistingspacein the box also shrinksstrongly. The shoulder rest, rosin and some spare strings mostly fit barely into the case. But especially for sheet music an additional sheet music bag is required. Or one could also use the AMATO Cover backpack, which can be wornon the backand containsamusic pocket.

When does ashaped casemakes sense?

The choice betweenoblong caseand shaped caseandisnot always easy. Generally, it should be considered where and howoftenyou transportyour instrumentand what youneed additionally there.You may then quickly realize that a shaped violin case arenotnecessarily optimal.Ifyou have more than2 bows,orif you preferably want to carry the required sheet music fortheorchestra together with the instrument,anoblong caseis the better choice.Another important aspectcould be howmuchthecaseisactually worn.Light weightandeasy handlinghelpespecially ifyou travel a lotwithpublic transport or by bicycle.In aprofessional online shopfor strings(e.g.Paganino)you will finda wide selection ofshapedCases forviolin and violawith models byAmato, BAM,Gewa, Jakob WinterandPacato.