Pirastro violin strings

Worth to know about Pirastro violin strings

Pirastro's variety of violin strings is unsurpassed worlswide. For over 100 years Pirastro produces strings for bowed stringed instruments and is considered the epitome of quality and beauty of sound. Wearing the unique sound characteristics of a violin and the special sound of each musician's performances of classical string instruments satisfy, Pirastro succeeds with a selection of violin strings, which includes both gut strings and steelstrings, but in ever greater degree, synthetic strings. Here, the modulation capabilities and expressiveness and reliability of each string are especially appreciated.


Gut strings for the violin:

The selection of Pirastro gut strings for the violin is impressive. They belong to the oldest production methods in the history of string manufacturing.
The Pirastro Oliv violin strings are traditionally manufactured with a sheep gut core in a complex process by hand. In conjunction with the sound warmth of the gut, the sound is particularly brilliant. The Oliv-Steif strings are only supplied lengthwise and constitute an alternative to Oliv D- and G-strings – they also have a darker, more powerful sound than the Oliv strings. Pirastro Eudoxa violin strings offer a comfortable feel with warm and modulationable sound with their smaller string tension. They are suitable for orchestral playing and chamber music.
Pirastro Passione violin strings have been redeveloped in recent years by Pirastro. Compared to previous gut strings, the reduced break-in time and the convincing holding of the tune are remarkable. With easy response a complete, powerful and pleasant warm sound is created. The Passione Solo violin strings are slightly thicker and designed for a solo tone with a radiant power. The selection is completed by the Chorda violin strings and the Gold violin strings, which operate the less expensive price segment and are yet of outstanding quality.

Synthetic strings for the violin:

Pirastro synthetic strings for the violin beat strings with other string cores in their diversity. Steel stringscan simply not compete sonically; gut strings are too dependent on the raw material sheep gut and thus always subjected to a shortage. In addition, there are several basic materials also with synthetic strings. All synthetic strings keep perfectly in tune and are completely insensitive to variations in temperature and humidity.
As acoustically at highest quality a core of new synthetic fiber has developed, as it is also used as the basis of Evah Pirazzi violin strings. Rightly they have a very high reputation at professional violinists. The response of the violin bow over the whole dynamic range, the rich harmonics range, the expressive ability of modulation at highest intensity and the bright sound quality in a balanced set predestine this Topseller string for the solo play. As improvement Pirastro has released the Evah Pirazzi Gold violin strings in the premium section, which impress with a noble-Italian, golden sound. In particular, the gold wound G string gives an incredible warmth and intensity in the deep regions.

Variants in the field of synthetic fibers are the Pirastro Obligato violin strings, which have warm sound characteristics and still seem to be brilliant and focused. The Pirastro Violino violin strings have a lower string tension and therefore provide a comfortable feeling with less bow pressure. A Violino set is particularly well suitable for violin students. If you prefer a lighter, clear and direct sound, you will opt for the Wondertone Solo strings that produce a very focused sound with excellent response.

Variants of the core material in the synthetic strings are nylon strings that allow a concise tonal onset, give a quick response and produce a more round, but lively tone. They are therefore ideal as easily playable student strings. The Pirastro Tonica violin strings with their open, direct sound are just as important as the Pirastro strings Synoxa in a light, bright sound.

Last but not least the Aricore violin strings have a core made of Polyester, which features a warm sound at easy response and a dark timbre.

Steel strings for the violin:

The violin strings made of steely by Pirastro are a cheap alternative and also very durable. For the Pirastro Piranito violin strings the steel core is wound with chrome steel. Bright tone and ease of play are matching properties especially for students. The Pirastro Chromcor set for Fiddler who desire a brilliant sound to match. As chromium steel can not corrode, the strings are resistant to sweat. The range of Pirastro Violin Strings is completed by the well established Flexocor Permanent violin strings that have a braided steel cable core with a warm, round sound with clear overtones.