My first violin lesson - basic equipment for little violinists

What do I needfor the firstviolin lessonexcept forviolin? Besides the violin, you needa bowtocreate a soundand aviolin casefor safetransportationof the instrument. Additionally, the little violinist also needs a shoulder rest for... read more

There are many criteria for selecting the right bow (violin bow, viola bow, cello bow, double bass bow). The bow is also important for the instrument (violin, viola cello, double bass) itself. So one cansayit with the words of the famous violinistBattistaViotti: „Thee violin, that's the bow“. The selection of the suitable rosin plays an important role, too. The most important part of a bow is read more

Help at choosing the right case

In order to protect the stringed instrument and transport it safely there is a great selection of cases. Violin, viola, cello or double bass are kept away from dust, humidity and shoks in this way. For violin and viola very similar cases are offered. The violin cases or viola cases are available in different read more

The 10 most important facts about violin playing

Originally, the term “violin“ was also used for other bowed stringed instruments, such as the viola or the cello. So Mozart was still speakingfrom the fact thatit is notfairthe violinwasdescribed asfiddle. The violin has four strings (G D A E string). Adult players usually play a 4/4-sized violin. For children there are also smaller violins like the  ¾ violin or a ½ violin. read more

The correct violin maintenance

The violin is exposed to many influences every day, that makeamaintenanceof the instrumentnecessary. Airborne dustsettles onthe sensitivevarnish. When practicingorduring the concertsweatreaches thechin rest and the fingerboard. Eventhe dustof rosinis settles on the paint of the violinanddoes not only adhereto the hairof the bowbut also to theread more

The most important cello accessories

In the cello case or in the cello bag there should always be some rosin. With careful selection of the rosin the tone of the cello is refined. It is not easy to say which rosin fits the best to the bow and the strings, as the sound ideals are individual for everyone. However, it shouldbeensured thatthe hardness matches the instrument,the bowand the strings. It's best tojust try itout.Rosinshould not be olderthanread more

The most important viola accessories

In the viola case there should always be some rosin. With careful selection of the rosin the tone of the instrument is refined. It is not easy to say which rosin fits the best to the bow and the strings. However, it shouldbeensured thatthe hardness matches the instrument,the bowand the strings. Rosin should not be  older than two years, because if it istoo old,it begins tolubricate. read more

Strings – all you have to know about choosing strings

General information about gut strings, steel strings, plastic strings and synthetic strings: Gut strings: Gut strings are traditionally produced of the intestineof ungulates. They have an unmistakable sound, which is very similar to the human voice. Plain gut strings are usually used for baroque instruments. The covered violin string made of gut has a powerful read more

The most important violin accessories

There should always be some rosin in the violin case. Carefully selected, the rosin refines the sound of the instrument. Which rosin is the right one can not be said easily. The degree of hardness must fit equally to the bow, the strings and the instrument. It is important to remove old rosin from the bowhair, e.g. with a special cleaning agent. read more

How to properly treat a bow with rosin?

Theviolin bowcan cause thestringsto soundonlywhen sufficientfriction occursbetween the stringandthebow hair. In order to achieve this the bow has to be rubbed with rosin. Rosin is an amber-coloured treeresin, which isusually obtainedfrom pine, fir,stone-pine, spruceorlarch.Bynobleadditivesthenan optimizedrosin is created. read more

The 10 most valuable violins in the world

The violin is an instrument full of secrets, which do not only hide in its music but also in its wood, the body and inthemasterhands of those whohaveassembledthese elementswithmuchlove and talent. The violinfascinates and inspiresthe musicians when they striken their strings with the bow... read more


The violin case is required in order for the violin to be well protected and easily transported. The amounz of different models of instrument cases may initiallybe a bit confusing. Weusuallydifferinshaped case, oblong case and in double case. read more

STRINGS for string players

Musical instruments, which have strings, are named stringed instruments. As strings for the different bowed stringed instruments, such as violin strings, viola strings, cello strings, double bass strings, today many different standard types are offered: gut strings, steel strings, plastic strings and synthetic strings. read more


The violin, belongs to the category bowed stringed instruments and has four strings (G-string, D-string, A-string, E-string). There is the 4/4 violin for adults, 3/4 violin down to  1/16 – violin for children and younger students. Violins are usually made of wood. But there are also E-violins, electricviolinswith amplifier. read more


The viola belongs to the bowed stringed instruments. Violin, fiddle, cello, violoncello and double bass also belong to the bowed stringed instruments. The viola is the „big sister“ of the violin. Comparingboth withthevoicesof people, theviolincorresponds to thesoprano,viola totheold. In Italianit is called Viola da braccio (arm violin). read more


The cello, also named violoncello, belongs to the category bowed stringed instruments and has 4 strings ( C-string, G-string, D-string, A-string ). To the bowed stringed instruments also belong the violin or the fiddle, the viola and the double bass. The cello is constructed similarly as the violin. However, it ismuchlarger and thesides areproportionalsignificantly higher. read more


The double bass is the largest and deepest sounding bowed stringed instrument. To the bowed stringed instruments also belong the cello, the viola and the violin next to the double bass. The operational areaofContraBassis greatand goesby the Symphony Orchestraon therock'nrollto jazz. read more

PIRASTRO strings

The company Pirastro has developed a lot of masterly strings for bowed stringed instrumentst. The company, which was founded in 1798 by Giorgio Pirazzi, produces strings for violin, viola, cello and double bass until today. 150 employees are now working at two factories. read more


When playing the violin, the sholder rest servs as safe connection between violin, viola and the shoulder, without making the stringed instrument able to slip from the shoulder. Sowhen you playthisstring instruments, print positioncannot ariseon the shoulder withthe shoulder restand on the neckbyusing a chin rest. read more

AUGUSTIN Diamond shoulder rest

The shoulder rest AUGUSTIN Diamond is made of finest wood with anattractive grainand treated withlinseedoil. With the infinitelyadjustable"feet", theshoulder restcanconformwellto theshoulderand holdtogether thechinrest and theviolin. read more


The violin bow is the bow for playing the violin. Like the shoulder rest, its importanceis also underestimatedwhen only talkingabout violin accessories. With the famous violinist Giovanni Battista Viotti you can say: „the violin, that's the bow“. read more


With violin sheet music all printed sheet music for violin is meant. At Paganino you can not only buy violin sheet music for beginners, but also aremarkablywide rangeofmusic for violinnotes. There are, of course,not onlymusic books andscoresfor the violin,but also forotherstringed instruments. read more

ROSIN Bogaro & Clemente

In the master workshop of Bogaro & Clemente a rosin is produced, with which even Stradivari would havebeen delighted.The applicationof the rosinallows themusicianto give thestring instrumentamelodioussound. Not onlythe mixture ofselectedsubstancesis important,but also thehardnessof the rosinandthethoroughness of the applicationontheviolin bow. read more


The music stand, also called music desk, serves for depositing and holding of sheet music for musical instruments, e.g. for violin or the cello. Usually, they're made of wood or of metal. We distinguish betweenfolding music stands and orchestral music stands. In addition, there are now a lot of professional accessories. read more

Pirastro PASSIONE violin strings

These modernviolinstrings areconstructed on thebasis of a reliablegut. E string Silvery Steel (ball end), the A string is wound with aluminium, the D string and the G string with silver. The company PIRASTRO has once again developed a masterpiece. read more