Double bass

Worth knowing about the double bass


The bass or double bass is at the same time the biggest and deepest sounding bowed stringed instrument. Whether bowed orpluckeditsexcellent soundhas givenit averywide range of applications. Therefore, the double bass is at home in the Classical music, in Jazz and in Rock ā€šnā€˜ Roll. Unlike itsclose relativescello, viola and violin, thebassisusuallyplayedwhile standing.

Construction of a double bass

However, howexactly therelatives are classified,is very controversial. The double bass can neither be assigned to theviolinnor theviolfamily,because it combinescertain elements of bothinstrumentfamiliesin it.In addition,it'scomplicatedby the factthatdouble bassesarepartiallybuilt verydifferently.
There aremodels thatcan be allocatedwith theirsloping shouldersmoreof theviolfamily, butalsosome whoseresonancecorresponds to thebodyof the violin family. It is similarwith the back of the double bass: There aremodels witharched backasthe celloorviolin,butalsojust asflatandbentmodels. The sound holes and the fretlessfingerboardare againuniquecharacteristicsof the violin family. A special featureof the double bassis itsmechanism whichallowsa simple and cleantuning of thedouble bass strings. The mechanism is needed,because thethick stringsof the double bassdevelop anenormous tractionthatcan not be holdby simple pegs. The lengthof the musical instrumentandthefullness of hishulkingbodyrequirea ratherthickbridgewhich dividesthe enormoustensile forcesevenlyfrom thetailpieceaway. It is also interestingthat thebassstrings are tunedat intervals offourths,andnot likeViolin, Violaand Celloin fifths. A distinction is madebetween anspecial orchetraltuning andasolo tuningforsoloisticbassplays.
The double bassis builtin differentsizes. The most widely usedtoday is the3/4bassin the orchestrayou will also findthe4/4bass. For studentsthere are, asfor the otherstringed instruments, smallbasses.Especially thebigbassmainly set the greatest logistic challenges formanybass players.

Transport of the double bass

For the double bass there are both soft bags as well as hard double bass cases available. However, thedimensions involume and weightare extreme. In practice, awell-paddedbass bagis mostly used,which is nottoo sensitivefor transportation in thecar andprovidesadequate protection. When traveling withtheOrchestra, playersbutuse specialTransport Casesthat can withstandthe rigors. Meanwhile,variouscollapsibletravelbasseshave been developed thatmake the problemin the truestsense of the worda little smaller. Among others also D.D. Lowka from Quadro Nuevo uses atravelbass.

Use of the double bass

Thebassplays an importantrole inthe bassrange of everyorchestra, which mostly is theharmonic and rhythmicbase. Due to its largesoundvolumefew instrumentsare sufficienttoremainaudible evenina symphony orchestra. The play of thedouble bassforms the basisfor the melodyinstruments. The number ofsoloconcertsisthereforemarginal. The double bass playershould be set tothe typeof musician ratheruniversal. Becausethebassisnot only used as astring instrumentin classical music,where it is usedprimarily"conarco", i.e.with a bow. Butit isalsoas muchplucked("pizzicato"),usedinother areas. In the Jazz music, the double bass also holds a prominent position. Especially inthe so-calledunderground music, the bassisalmost invariablyreinforced, soplayed withpickups. In the Rock- and Pop music it is likely that an E-bass is used, which is heldlike aguitar witha shoulder strap. The sound comesthen from abass amplifiers.

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