DOMINANT PRO – The beginning of a new era
Now available: DOMINANT PRO, the latest string revolution from Thomastik-Infeld
Room-filling sound with very good bow response and a special brilliance-warmth balance: with the new DOMINANT PRO strings, Thomastik-Infeld continues a success story that began 50 years ago with the market launch of the DOMINANT strings.
Since 1970, playing styles and sound concepts have developed continuously. With its latest string set DOMINANT PRO, Thomastik-Infeld responds to the desire of many players to expand the possibilities of the proven strings. The result is a modern string repertoire that preserves the DOMINANT basic character.
Further development of a legend: For over 100 years, Thomastik-Infeld has been developing and producing musical strings of the highest quality in Vienna. Technical precision, sensitive craftsmanship and passion for music and people complement each other.

DOMINANT PRO strings for violin
With the new DOMINANT PRO strings, Thomastik-Infeld meets the special expectations of today's musicians in terms of sound aesthetics and technical requirements. Building on the legendary DOMINANT, Thomastik-Infeld wants to expand the repertoire of tonal possibilities with the new DOMINANT PRO and at the same time do justice to the most diverse playing styles. The very low string tension of the DOMINANT PRO set should not only reinforce the character of the instrument, but also significantly improve the modulation of the sound. DOMINANT PRO reacts powerfully and warmly as required, with many brilliant nuances. Although this set sounds darker than the DOMINANT medium set, the response is more direct and the sound more focused. The sound projection in a concert hall is above average.
to the Dominant PRO violin strings
DOMINANT PRO strings for viola
Thomastik-Infeld DOMINANT PRO® DP200 for Viola: For all you pros.
Due to their very wide dynamic range, Thomastik-Infeld DOMINANT PRO® strings are suitable for both orchestral musicians and soloists, as they can be played from piano (p) to fortississimo (fff) and also with high bow pressure. DOMINANT PRO® can also optimally assert itself against a large orchestra or quartet if necessary, but is also easy to play in piano (p). DOMINANT PRO® is the set which has the fastest and most direct attack within the Thomastik-Infeld viola string repertoire. The strings of the DOMINANT PRO® series have a dark, warm sound that embraces the player and his listeners. The superimposed slight sharpness brings a tingling contrast to the sound. Despite the large tonal color palette, DOMINANT PRO® creates a gradual transition that ideally combines the special timbres of the individual strings.
to the Dominant PRO viola strings
DOMINANT PRO strings for Cello
Thomastik-Infeld DOMINANT PRO® DP400 for cello: For all you pros.
Inspired by the sound of a tube amplifier and with the help of the playing possibilities created by an innovative metal core, DOMINANT PRO® redefines past sound ideals. The movement has an airy-light sound character with pronounced, brilliant overtones and a pleasantly warm basic sound with a lot of structure. Highest modulation capability of the timbres and the sound structure: depending on the type of playing, the sound of the strings can be very brilliant or warm, round and saturated. The sound structure can be wonderfully modulated from fine to coarse-grained. The dynamic range goes from an airy-delicate pianissimo (pp) to a rich fortissimo (ff). DOMINANT PRO® is the set which has the fastest and most direct attack within the Thomastik-Infeld cello string repertoire. Especially at high bow speed, the strings develop their supporting resonance. Colorful and additionally particularly structured sound!
to the Dominant PRO cello strings

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