CodaBow® Carbon bows made in USA

With the approach to develop special carbon fiber bows, in a classic style very well balanced bows, which retain their properties virtually unlimited, the US company CodaBow® has started about a decade ago manufacturing in the US at a very reasonable price. The outstanding features of the products made by CodaBow® have made the bows well known worldwide in the shortest time.

After careful research Paganino has added the bows by CodaBow® to the bow range in the year 2004.

The CodaBow range includes a very well balanced range of high-quality carbon fiber bows. From colorfully designed special bows for electronic and MIDI instruments "Electric", which is a challenging students bows at the same time, using the "Conservatory", suitable for students and demanding laymen, to "Classic", the outstanding bow of the master class, is now available a complete listing of available award-winning carbon fiber bows at Paganino. Convince yourself through a test!

The detailed description of the individual bows can be found in the shop.