Top products for your cello: All cello strings and cello sheet music available at PAGANINO as well as wonderful cello cases, beautiful cello bows and a great selection of accessories.

Cello music at Paganino

Paganino has a large selection of cello sheet music to offer: cello schools, cello studies, student literature for cello, sheet music for soloistic cello, film scores for cello, cello music Pop&Jazz, cello with piano accompaniment, chamber music, cello concerts, cello cheet music for Christmas and Christmas music for the ensemble as well as music paper.

Accessories for cello at Paganino

Paganino carries a large selection of accessories for cello: rosin, mutes, fine tuners, tailpieces, floor protectors, wolf eliminator, bridges, bow protection, maintenance, humidifiers, cello stands, cello stools, spikes, sheet music bags, hand warmers, tools and finger trainers. Furthermore there are music stands, stand lights, metronomes and tuners at Paganino.

Cello cases at Paganino

A distinction is made between cello cases and cello bags. The hard-shell cello case protects the cello and cello bow by his great strength. Very popular is the PACATO Classic cello case or the AMATO fiber Cello Case. If the cello case has to be especially light, the PACATO Ultralight cello case is a very good recommendation. A cello bag is a convenient alternative that offers good protection with minimum weight. Very popular is the PACATO Milano cello bag. Both the cello case and in the cello bag usually offer an accessory compartment in which cello strings or rosin can be stored.

Cello bow at Paganino

At Paganino there are good cello bows which are available in the version made of wood or as carboxylic bows. An often bought wooden bow is the SCOLAR Manilkara cello bow, but also the Dörfler cello bow made of pernambuco wood. The cello carbon bow are becoming increasingly popular nowadays, especially the CodaBow DIAMOND cello bows are rated very positive.

Cello strings at Paganino

Paganino offers a wide range of cello strings. The most used are Larsen cello strings and Thomastik Spirocore cello strings. By Pirastro, the Evah Pirazzi cello strings and Passione are highly in demand. Jargar cello strings are equally on offer like the Thomastik Belcanto and Dominant, D´Addario, Prim, Piatti, Corelli, Kaplan and Dlugolecki.

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