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The function of the cello bag is primarily to protect the cello during transport. Especially young players often use a cello bag to carry their quite large and heavy string instrument safely from A to B. This is also called Cello sleeve or cello sack.


Padding of the cello bag

The bag surrounds the cello with a soft cushion and protects it from minor bumps so that scratches and dents can be avoided. Cello sleeves are available not only in all sizes, including small cellos, but also with various degrees of cushioning. The padding should not be too thin. Under 10mm the expected protection may be not given. Best is a cello bag with 25 mm padding.


Components of the cello bag

A major advantage of Cello Case is their comparatively low weight. In most cases, a music pocket is integrated in the cello bag so that no additional sheet music bag is required. In the accessory bag rosin and cello strings can be easily stored. A bow bag for a cello bow is almost always sewn onto the front of the cello bag. In contrast to the cello case, the cello bag is usually more comfortable to wear because they at least somewhat adapt to the back. Basically, the thicker the bag, the greater the protection they can provide the instrument, although the packing and unpacking certainly requires more effort and attention.


Differences between cello bag and cello case

Most cello bags are not only much lighter than solid cello cases, they are also much cheaper. Especially for young cellists, which quite often need a larger instrument, together with appropriate Cello Case, this is an important point. Good cases are not only suitable for student instruments. More advanced players sometimes engage due to the weight advantage cello bags at Paganino to higher valued cello bags, especially if your instrument is most of the time in a safe environment and not often to be transported.

An important difference between cello bag and cello case is that the bag, in contrast to the case, can not stand on their own. Unpacking and packing of the cello must therefore always be estimated to take place. In addition, it should be paid attention to the cello bow, because it could quickly break due to the weight of the bag. Some cello bags, such as the PACATO Milano cello bag, therefore have a removable bow case. This is also an extra protection for the underlying fingerboard of the instrument

The largest selection of high quality but cheap cello bags are available from Pacato. Jakob Winter and also Gewa Cello Cases also have good offers.

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