PACATO Rainprotect cover

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Discreet cover for 4/4 cello cases.
The ideal companion for the rainy season! The Rainprotect rain cover protects your case from moisture and dirt.

  • water-repellent surface and seam
  • elastic and Velcro fastener for easy attachment to the instrument case
  • practical small bag for stowing the cover included
  • simple design
  • suitable for all cello cases
  • total length about 135 cm

Rain cover for instrument cases
Especially in the transitional months, when it rains very often and a lot, a rain cover for the case is essential. Although most cello cases hold a certain amount of rain without moisture penetrating inwards, they do not stay tight during heavy downpours. In order to protect the instrument and other accessories such as sheet music and rosin from moisture, such a rain cover for the cello case is ideal. The universal design of the rain cover optimally adapts to the case, leaves no rainwater in the case and is still easy to install. So every musician, even beginners and children, can pack and unpack their cello case in a few simple steps.