CodaBow PRODIGY violin bow

395,00 Euro
item number: 704144
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True to its name, the PRODIGY delivers a gifted performance. Precision-engineered to provide select professional characteristics at a pre-professional price, the PRODIGY boasts exceptional performance for exceptional students. The dynamically balanced shaft offers off-string agility commonly reserved for high-performance bows while also providing the on-string forgiveness and comfort desired by young players.

  • Graphite Diamond Weave Finish
  • blended acoustic core
  • brown tint
  • traditional frog design made by Walter Paulus with Xebony Engineered Ebony
  • sterling silver winding
  • white natural carbon fiber slide
  • nickel and silver fittings
  • moroccan leather grip
  • metal alloy tip plate
  • silver medal horse hair
  • traditional hand-cut wood wedges and plugs
  • handcrafted in USA
  • GlobalBow-technology*

*GlobalBow Design: CodaBow® models featuring GlobalBow™ technology contain no endangered, regulated, or monitored species (wildlife or fauna), and pass freely through international Customs. Crafted from XEBONY® and advanced materials, these elegant designs are unrivalled in their performance and reliability and will permit your CodaBow® to cross any border on the globe.
Species commonly found on traditional bows that are now endangered, regulated, or monitored by international or government agencies include: Ivory, Madagascar Ebony, Tortoise Shell, Pernambuco, Lizard Skin, Whalebone, Mother-of-Pearl (Shell).