ResoundingFingerboard for cello

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The ResoundingFingerboard supports learning and specifying the vibrato in an innovative way. Regardless of whether arm vibrato or wrist vibrato, it suddenly becomes very easy: shape and material evoke the optimal basic movement and the right balance between flexibility and stability. In addition, it promotes a very precise finger drop, increases the speed when trilling, trains the interval grip technique and increases the general finger speed. It can be used with and without a bow.

What the ResoundingFingerboard enables

  • bigger and more relaxed vibrato
  • faster and smoother trills
  • more precise and more accurate double grip technology
  • finer and more precise finger drop
  • faster finger speed
  • cleaner intonation
  • more sonorous left-hand pizzicato technique
  • new sound spectrum
  • ideal balance between stability and flexibility
  • preventively healthier and more relaxed music making
  • size: 14,6 x 3,5 cm

Arm vibrato

With the fingerboard attachment, a large and round arm vibrato can be learned in a relaxed manner and a vibrato that has already been acquired can be easily changed. The finger joints and arm-shoulder movement can move with ease thanks to the flexible knobs and the fingertips get a new feeling for the necessary stability and flexibility, which has a positive effect on the sound and the intonation.

The first step

It is recommended to start with large, slow movements. After a short time, arms, fingers and shoulders begin to relax. Once this is done, a variety of targeted exercises can be built in, especially for rhythmizing and coordinating between the right and left hands and for changing bows and changing fingers.

Trills, double-grip technique, finger falls & co

For all the technical aspects mentioned above, such as trill technique, vibrato, double-grip technique, falling fingers, increasing finger speed, improving intonation or left-hand pizzicato technique, etc., video contributions are gradually being produced that show how you can practice them. Suggestions arise that everyone can pick up for themselves and vary, develop or adapt for themselves.

Everything it has in common:
The contact with the knobs creates a special sensitivity in the fingers, which probably cannot be achieved without the knobs and which is transmitted further into the body. There is also freedom of movement - starting with slow movements - and a new feeling of accuracy. That is why the ResoundingFingerboard is just as suitable for professional musicians in everyday life as it is for instrumental lessons and home practice. The only requirement for use is: joy in experimenting, the will to make real improvements and a portion of courage to look at things from different perspectives.

Hand poured special material

One of the greatest challenges is to find the right balance when making music between the necessary flexibility and softness in the movements, the joints, the finger attachment and a simultaneous precise finger attachment and holding the finger in place. It is not yet scientifically clarified why this essay does not work with all materials. With other materials there are opposite effects: instead of relaxation or an improvement in movement, there are complications, cramps and pain.
The special thing about the ResoundingFingerboard is that everything feels so easy at once and with this feeling, new movements or old, retracted movement patterns can be learned or relearned very relaxed. Because the attachment of the attachment is optimal when you achieve the required balance between the flexibility and stability mentioned, the ResoundingFingerboard supports everyone individually.

Every part is handmade. Small air pockets in the material are therefore possible. However, they do not limit the functionality. Special delivery times may apply.