MÜSING Carbon Classic cello bow C3

item number: 706105
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Amateur level bow for a whole size cello

Over the past 100 years, the cello has developed in the most dramatic fashion. The endpin and especially the modern steel strings have transformed the cello into a formidable solo instrument, for which wooden bows are clearly too weak. ARCUS Müsing has developped cello bows significantly stronger to allow for a perfectly natural play. With a weight of 75 grams they're are also a little lighter in order to improve their manouverability.

Its rich sound is a match to much more expensive pernambuco bows. Its powerful, fast and precise playing characteristics will help you work out even the most difficult pieces.
With the C3 you get a bow that is perfect for playing in the orchestra and ensemble. Its sound is big, free, multicolored and very clear.

  • Stainless steel fittings
  • Stainless steel winding
  • Round bow stick
  • Storing of the screw in metal sockets
  • Thumb leather from embossed cowhide
  • Fine natural bow hair
  • Classic frog made of genuine ebony, (for every thumb position)
  • Weight: approx. 75 g
  • 4/4 size
  • noticeably more agile and comfortable than traditional bow
  • Made in Germany (Würzburg)

Great sound - sturdy and reliable
Muesing bows are designed and manufactured in Würzburg / Germany with the utmost care. The bow sticks are formed under high pressure from seamless braided carbon fiber and epoxy resin. Classification C2 - C5 is based on the resonance of the bow stick. The bow sticks are hollow and thin-walled, have a very uniform structure and a particularly low resin content. As a result, they are not only lighter and stiffer, but can swing better and high-frequency overtones can unfold freely. This makes the Muesing bow extremely break-resistant. They never warp and never soften.

The screw is mounted in two metal bushings, so that the bow can be easily tensioned and the bore is not rubbed. The sticks are also completely insensitive to high humidity or climatic fluctuations.
With this bow, you can easily travel around the world, as it contains no components that are under protection of species.