ResoundingFingerboard for Violin/Viola

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The ResoundingFingerboard supports learning and specifying the vibrato in an innovative way. Regardless of whether arm vibrato or wrist vibrato, it suddenly becomes very easy: shape and material evoke the optimal basic movement and the right balance between flexibility and stability. In addition, it promotes a very precise finger drop, increases the speed when trilling, trains the interval grip technique and increases the general finger speed. It can be used with and without a bow.

What the ResoundingFingerboard enables

  • bigger and more relaxed vibrato
  • faster and smoother trills
  • more precise and more accurate double grip technology
  • finer and more precise finger drop
  • faster finger speed
  • cleaner intonation
  • more sonorous left-hand pizzicato technique
  • new sound spectrum
  • ideal balance between stability and flexibility
  • preventively healthier and more relaxed music making
  • size: 14,6 x 3,5 cm

Scope of delivery:
Each ResoundingFingerboard is delivered in a ziplock bag and in a pillow case, plus Velcro strips as an alternative to attaching to "Bad Fingerboard Days" (e.g. when the air is too dry).