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PACATO cleaning set
PACATO clean + polish, stringcleaner and microfiber cloth
16,95 Euro *
PACATO clean + polish
cleaner and polisher, 20 ml
7,95 Euro *
PACATO string cleaner
for steel and synthetic strings, 20 ml
7,95 Euro *
PAGANINO cleaner set
Viol polisher, Bellacura cloth, Royal Oak string cleaner
26,85 Euro 21,95 Euro *
LUTHIER PROFI Cleaner and Polisher
16,50 Euro 11,95 Euro *
Lautus Lute cleaning set
3-part cleaning set - optimal care for String Instruments
39,95 Euro *
KOLSTEIN SET Cleaner and Polisher
120 ml, 1 bottle Cleaner and Polisher each, including 2 cleaning and polishing cloths
39,95 Euro *
BELLACURA Cleaner and Polisher
12,30 Euro 9,95 Euro *
PACATO Polishing cloth
for cleaning and polishing, 100% cotton
2,95 Euro *
PACATO cleaning cloth
3,95 Euro *
GEWA Violin Spit cleaner
Mild cleaning agent for stringed instruments, 60 ml
11,95 Euro *
Nature Works String Cleaner
based on plant extracts, 50ml
17,95 Euro *
Nature Works Basic Care
based on plant extracts, 50ml ph neutral
17,95 Euro *
Nature Works Protective Polish
based on plant extracts, 50ml ph neutral
17,95 Euro *
Nature Works Fingerboard Care
based on plant extracts, 50ml ph neutral
17,95 Euro *
GEWA peg soap
Peg soap (peg chalk) to make the pegs smoother
5,95 Euro *
GEWA Old Master Reinigungsmittel
For stringed instruments, 30 ml bottle
18,95 Euro *
GEWA Old Master string cleaner
For occasional cleaning of the strings, 30 ml bottle
12,95 Euro *
GEWA Old Master Pflegewachs
Natural wax paste to protect the surface of stringed instruments
19,95 Euro *
PACATO Notes cleaning cloth
»Musik ist Dein Leben«, made of microfibre, 27 x 27 cm
3,95 Euro *
PETZ Cleaner and Polisher
11,20 Euro 8,95 Euro *
TONEGEAR Stringcleaner Clip
All-around cleaning for strings and fingerboard, suitable for violin/viola
24,95 Euro *
The Nomad Tool Cleaning tool
microfiber pad and natural bristle brush for cleaning of strings, surface, and hardware
19,95 Euro *
BELLACURA Fingerboard Oil
cleans and refreshes the fingerboard, 75 ml
11,95 Euro *
GEWA Bow hair cleaner
Cleans and nourishes the bow hair, 90 ml bottle
13,95 Euro *
PACATO Gig Stik cleaning pen
cleaning stick for hard to reach areas, for all wooden instruments
9,95 Euro *
LAPELLA No.31 Sensitive cleaning wipe
For sensitive cleaning and care of fingerboard and strings of classic string instruments
1,95 Euro *
LAPELLA No.31 Sensitive cleaning wipes
For sensitive cleaning and care of fingerboard and strings of classic string instruments
9,95 Euro *
BAM Original Cleaning Cloth
high quality microfibers enhanced with Silver Nano technology
14,95 Euro *
LAPELLA Intense Fingerboard Recovery Oil
15 ml + 2 LAPELLA hightech microfibre-cloths
18,60 Euro 14,95 Euro *
BELLACURA microfiber cloth
7,50 Euro 5,95 Euro *
BAM Original Cleaning Cloth
high quality microfibers enhanced with Silver Nano technology
12,95 Euro *
LAPELLA peg compound No.40
to make the pegs smoother, suitable for violin, viola, cello
11,95 Euro *
PACATO Bow hair cleaning kit
Cleaner, regenerating liquid, comb and towel
24,95 Euro *
FAST FRET string cleaner and lubricant
Silicone-free special polish for smooth playable necks, fingerboards and strings with optimal protection
12,95 Euro *
John Pearse string swipes
cleaning cloth for steel strings
0,95 Euro *
PACATO microfiber cloth
made of microfiber
5,95 Euro *
HIDERSOL varnish care
for cleaning and reviving the varnish of stringed instruments, 50 ml
6,95 Euro *
BELLACURA Spray bottle
for cleaning and polishing, 50 ml
15,95 Euro *
PIRASTRO string oil
50 ml, for gut strings
14,75 Euro *
GÖTZ Original peg soap
with graphite, proven remedy for more than 100 years
8,95 Euro *
PACATO cleaning cloth Deluxe
microfiber, suitable for stringed instruments and piano
5,95 Euro *
BELLACURA polishing cloth
35cm X 35cm, high quality cotton
4,95 Euro *
impregnated with Bellacura cleaner liquid
1,95 Euro *
Planet Waves polishing cloth
untreated, double brushed cotton flannel, washable
7,95 Euro *
Planet Waves microfiber cloth
for the removal of water-soluble and greasy dirt without cleaning agents
14,50 Euro 9,95 Euro *
CREMONESE microfibre cloth
Two-fiber microtechnology
13,95 Euro *
Conradi, S.: Pflegehinweise zum Erhalt Ihres Streichinstruments
maintenance booklet in German / Wolfgang Conradi Verlag 9783980478311
8,80 Euro *
PACATO peg soap
Peg soap to make the pegs smoother
6,75 Euro *
Peg wax to make the pegs smoother
7,45 Euro *
Original HILL peg soap
Peg soap to make the pegs smoother
12,40 Euro 9,95 Euro *
PIRASTRO peg soap
Peg soap to make the pegs smoother
11,95 Euro *
PETZ Cleaning Cloth
Made of microfibre, especially suitable for string instruments
3,95 Euro *

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Peg soap for viola

Pegs, which were treated with peg soap, can be turned considerably smoother. Gently applied, the Pirastro peg soap, the Original Hill peg soap, the Bötel peg soap and the Pirastro peg soap achieve good result.

Polishing- and maintenance cloth for viola

For cleaning and maintenance of the viola there are polishing- and cleaning clothes by Pacato, the Bellacura polishing cloth and Bellacura microfiber cloth, as well as the Bellacura cloth which is impregnated with Bellacura cleaner liquid and the Cremonese microfiber cloth.

String cleaner for viola

Pacato string cleaner cleans the strings carefully and is suitable for steel- and synthetic strings. Through the cleaning, viola strings viola strings can be played for a longer time. The Paganino cleaning set consists of Pirastro string cleaner, Viol polisher and the Bellacura maintenance cloth. The Pacato cleaning set contains the Pacato string cleaner, the Pacato microfiber polishing cloth and Pacato clean + polish.

Cleaning- and polishing products

At Paganino there is a great selection of cleaning-, maintenance- and polishing products for stringed instruments. The Liebenzeller cleaning- and maintenance product is called Aureol. There are cleaning- and polishing products by Original Hill, Viol, Luthier Profi, Bellacura, Petz and Kolstein. The Pacato clean + polish set is also often bought.

Maintenance for viola

Through the striking of the bow, dust of the rosin settles on the viola strings. To be able to remove sticking rosin and normal dust from the varnish, there are special cleaning- and maintenance products for stringed instruments, which are in addition also especially suitable for sensitive varnishes. They preserve and maintain the varnish, clear light scratches and give the violin varnish new brilliance.