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PACATO Notes cleaning cloth
»Musik ist Dein Leben«, made of microfibre, 27 x 27 cm
3,95 Euro *
PACATO Polishing cloth
for cleaning and polishing, 100% cotton
2,95 Euro *
PACATO cleaning set
PACATO clean + polish, stringcleaner and microfiber cloth
16,95 Euro *
LAPELLA No.31 Sensitive cleaning wipe
For sensitive cleaning and care of fingerboard and strings of classic string instruments
1,95 Euro *
PAGANINO cleaner set
Viol polisher, Bellacura cloth, Royal Oak string cleaner
26,85 Euro 21,95 Euro *
LUTHIER PROFI Cleaner and Polisher
16,50 Euro 11,95 Euro *
ROYAL OAK string cleaner
20 ml, designed to clean the sticky build-up on strings
9,50 Euro 6,95 Euro *
PETZ Cleaning Cloth
Made of microfibre, especially suitable for string instruments
3,95 Euro *
PACATO string cleaner
for steel and synthetic strings, 20 ml
7,95 Euro *
BAM Original Cleaning Cloth
high quality microfibers enhanced with Silver Nano technology
14,95 Euro *
PACATO clean + polish
cleaner and polisher, 20 ml
7,95 Euro *
PACATO cleaning cloth Deluxe
microfiber, suitable for stringed instruments and piano
5,95 Euro *
BELLACURA polishing cloth
35cm X 35cm, high quality cotton
4,95 Euro *
LAPELLA No.31 Sensitive cleaning wipes
For sensitive cleaning and care of fingerboard and strings of classic string instruments
9,95 Euro *
Original HILL peg soap
Peg soap to make the pegs smoother
12,40 Euro 9,95 Euro *
LAPELLA Intense Fingerboard Recovery Oil
15 ml + 2 LAPELLA hightech microfibre-cloths
18,60 Euro 14,95 Euro *
PIRASTRO Protect finger protection
calms and nourishes stressed skin, 18 g
11,95 Euro *
Planet Waves microfiber cloth
for the removal of water-soluble and greasy dirt without cleaning agents
14,50 Euro 9,95 Euro *
PACATO C-Clip instrument protection
to protect and preserve your violin
14,95 Euro *
PACATO microfiber cloth
made of microfiber
5,95 Euro *
GÖTZ Original peg soap
with graphite, proven remedy for more than 100 years
8,95 Euro *
FAST FRET string cleaner and lubricant
Silicone-free special polish for smooth playable necks, fingerboards and strings with optimal protection
12,95 Euro *
PIRASTRO peg soap
Peg soap to make the pegs smoother
11,95 Euro *
KOLSTEIN SET Cleaner and Polisher
120 ml, 1 bottle Cleaner and Polisher each, including 2 cleaning and polishing cloths
39,95 Euro *
Planet Waves polishing cloth
untreated, double brushed cotton flannel, washable
7,95 Euro *

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