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magnetic pencil holder, pencil and eraser included
3,95 Euro *
Cap eraser
Fits on the end of the pencil
0,55 Euro *
PAGANINO pen clip
The perfect magnetic pen clip
2,95 Euro *
Violin clef pencil
many differnet colours
1,95 Euro *
Pencil Set
Staedtler Noris pencil B (soft) with slip-on eraser and PACATO penclip
4,40 Euro 3,95 Euro *
Pencil Magneto
Wooden pencil with little magnet
2,95 Euro *
Clip Notes
with small pen, various colours
1,95 Euro *
Notes – The Musician's Choice
Bärenreiter-Notizbuch, 32 Seiten, 14,8 x 10,5 cm / Bärenreiter Musikverlag BA08100
0,75 Euro *
untreated wood, with »I Love Cello« emblem
1,95 Euro *
Stickers glitter
sparkling music themes
3,50 Euro *
Lead 2B soft, with eraser
0,75 Euro *
PACATO Charmy bracelet
trendy lace bracelet
0,95 Euro *
PACATO Penclip deluxe
The perfect magnetic pen clip, small size
3,95 Euro *
Treble clef or Note
0,95 Euro *
PACATO Music Board
Sheet music support for all music stands
7,95 Euro *
Clips notes
6 paper-clips with colored notes
1,95 Euro *
Stickers instruments
bright orchestra stickers
3,50 Euro *
Ruler piano
15 cm, piano key theme
0,95 Euro *
... no longer cold hands, 1 pair
19,95 Euro *
Magic Music Board XL
Practical sheet music holder for the presentation of up to 6 x A4 sheet pages simultaneously, 35 x 100 cm
19,95 Euro *
Stickers jolly
with music themes
3,50 Euro *
PACATO music bag
2 outside pockets, front pocket and 3 interior compartments
31,50 Euro 14,95 Euro *
Post-its Score
50 sheets, 7 x 7.5 cm
2,95 Euro *
PACATO silly silver bracelet
in many colours, made of silicone, cuttable, lock in silver
4,95 Euro *
Clip Violin clef
different colours, approx. 7 cm long
1,45 Euro *
available in 3 colours, made of silicone, cuttable, lock made of silver-zinc alloy
4,95 Euro *
Cookie Cutters SET
3 musical shapes
13,85 Euro 12,50 Euro *
Magic Music Board M
Practical sheet music holder for the presentation of up to 4 x A4 sheet pages simultaneously, 35 x 84 cm
17,95 Euro *
Postcard Mozart
'String quartet'
0,95 Euro *
Keyring pendant wood
1,95 Euro *
for violin, viola, cello
17,95 Euro *
PACATO Cello accessory pocket
for mounting on the instrument, made of black flannel
14,95 Euro *
Elastic band folder Notes
5,95 Euro *
Pencil Piano
black, with keyboard
0,95 Euro *
Staedler pencil Noris 120
high-quality pencil, hardness degree: B (soft)
0,95 Euro *
PACATO hand warmer SHORT
... no longer cold hands, 1 pair
18,95 Euro *
Faber-Castell vinyl eraser
Vinyl eraser for pencils and colored pencils
1,75 Euro *
Notebook music
A5, 60 sheets
2,95 Euro *
Postcard Bach
Motif 'Fantasia'
0,95 Euro *
Portfolio Tempesta
Three-panel folder for A4, with elastic band
7,50 Euro *
STAR music paper loose leaf DIN A4 upright format
3,95 Euro *
With musical motif
1,45 Euro *
Pencil with eraser-violin
white with music motif
2,45 Euro *
Music Paper Pad DIN A4
200 pages, 100 sheets (individually removable), 12 systems
6,50 Euro *
Sharpener Piano
approx. 4 x 3 cm
2,45 Euro *
Clip music
6 paper-clips with music themes
1,95 Euro *
Postcard Beethoven
'Ode to Joy''
0,95 Euro *
4 x 3 cm
0,95 Euro *
Cookie cutter
stainless steel
3,95 Euro *
Totebag Concerto
38 x 40 cm, cotton, printed on both sides
4,95 Euro *
Der Musik Kalender 2019 – Zwischen Höhenflug & Krise
Wochenkalender mit 53 Fotos und Abbildungen / edition momente 9783036030197
11,00 Euro *
Clip Eigth Note
different colours, about 7 cm long
1,45 Euro *
Pencil case Piano
with keyboard and a small treble clef pendant
7,95 Euro *
Ring binder back Violina
7 pieces, self-adhesive
6,95 Euro *
Note Dice with treble clef
playful learning of notes in treble clef, different variants
15,00 Euro *
Tea strainer note
theme: eighth note
3,95 Euro *

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Eraser, sharpener and pencils

Who isn’t pleased about an original gift? Paganino has handpicked stationery of musical motifs. As a musician you always need a pencil. Here you’ll find many fancy pencils with notes motifs or with the shape of a clef like the pencil with eraser-clef or the violin pencil. A cap eraser, a heart-eraser or a heart-sharpener always fit the occasion. For the classy gift there is the pen deluxe or the desk set notes.


You didn’t find the perfect gift yet? Paganino has a fine selection of small accessories for you to offer: attractive bookends, wall clock violin, magnet violin, magnet cello and notes confetti. You can pack the gift with the ribbon notes. There aren’t just napkins and tissues with notes motif, which will make others become envious, but also the cushion notes.

Hand warmers, t-shirts and ties

The Pacato hand warmer is easily put on like gloves. Then you’ll have no longer cold hands and the fingers are free for playing your instrument. The hand warmers by Pacato are washable and available in different colours and sizes. Women: 25cm, men: 27,5cm. There are hand warmers in the colours camel, black and grey. On the t-shirts and ties there are music motifs or notes printed.

Musical gifts for every occasion

Birthday, anniversary, passed exam, audition or a token gift, you always need a suitable gift for musicians or music students. Be it a pencil, a pen, eraser or sharpener with music motif, something suitable will be there certainly. But also umbrellas, bags, accessories or a mouse pad with a music motif can please musicians. In addition, you can write a nice greeting on a lovely post card or a greeting card. As special gifts there are Bach t-shirt, Beethoven t-shirt, ties and hand warmers.
Nice gifts for music students are pens and erasers with musical motifs. Useful are also music paper or an elastic band folder for the storage of loose sheet music. Besides there are also book marks (motif violin or silhouette) and paper clips (motif coloured notes or coloured violin keys).
If you search a birthday present, there are for example a key fob (wood or leather, motif violin, clef or piano), candles (tea candle, pillar candle, tree candle or candleholder), cups (motif notes or Ragazzini) or a pocket umbrella with musical motifs, which can be the right things. Also t-shirts (e.g. with the Concerto by Bach or the sonata by Beethoven) or studs (in genuine silver with motifs clef, notes or violin) can please the presentee. Popular is also the pin or a magnet with violin or cello motif.
If you want to write a letter to our loved ones, there is beautiful letter paper (with notes) or various post cards (motif violin or cello, Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, Schubert and many more) and greeting cards (motif Senerade No.13, Coffee Cantata, Children symphony, Cacophony and others; always folded card with envelope).