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PACATO Livorno violin case
stable oblong case at an amazingly low price
99,00 Euro 69,50 Euro *
PACATO Firenze violin case
stable oblong case in dark blue or bordeaux red
99,00 Euro 79,50 Euro *
WUNDERKIND oblong violin case 2.3
Made of 100% high quality carbon fiber, ultra light with only about 2.25 kg, semi-gloss design
790,00 Euro *
WUNDERKIND leather violin case 3.3
Handmade luxury case made of eco-friendly materials
1.250,00 Euro 995,00 Euro *
PACATO Sports Travel violin case
water repellent exterior
99,00 Euro *
PACATO Prelude violin case
solid oblong case in a stable wood construction
229,00 Euro 129,00 Euro *
PACATO Comodo violin case
elegant, light oblong case
199,00 Euro 129,00 Euro *
PACATO Mezza Luna violin case
sporty design in 2 different variations, only ca. 1,9 kg
192,50 Euro 129,50 Euro *
PACATO Paisley violin case
classy oblong case with details in paisley pattern
194,00 Euro 129,50 Euro *
PACATO Trekking Junior violin case
excellent violin case for children, adjustable from 1/2 - 4/4 size
219,00 Euro 149,00 Euro *
PACATO Elegance violin case
classic, elegant oblong case, 2 variations
209,00 Euro 149,00 Euro *
PACATO Halfmoon violin case
Elegantly rounded case, made of composite fiberglass with shimmering surface
149,50 Euro *
PACATO Classic Fiber violin case
Composite fiberglass case, only 2.2 kg
179,00 Euro *
PACATO Scratch violin case
Structured, insensitive outer shell, 2,4 kg
179,00 Euro *
PACATO Dragon violin case
Beautiful Far Eastern interior design
279,00 Euro 199,00 Euro *
PACATO Roma violin case
Precious violin case with fine brown interior
289,00 Euro 219,50 Euro *
AMATO Classic violin case
fine and light oblong case in various shades of brown
319,00 Euro 169,00 Euro *
AMATO Coffee violin case
Do you like coffee?
249,00 Euro 199,00 Euro *
AMATO Verde violin case
professional oblong case in a classical olive green
249,00 Euro 199,00 Euro *
PACATO Carrier backpack system for cases
innovative carrying comfort for your violin case
129,00 Euro 99,00 Euro *
ARTINO Rain Cover Violin case protection
available in 3 colours, for oblong violin case
24,95 Euro *
ROKKOMANN SuperLight violin case
Oblong case with storage space for accessories and 3 bows, only 1.9 kg
379,00 Euro *
HISCOX OVN violin case
Scratch-resistant ABS hard case with shoulder strap, approx. 2.6 kg
210,00 Euro 149,00 Euro *
HISCOX OVNC violin case
ABS hard case with shoulder strap, approx. 3.1 kg, additional cover with integrated pocket on the outside
290,00 Euro 199,00 Euro *
NEGRI Classic violin case
5-layer laminated wooden case with extra strong fittings, only 3,25 kg
347,50 Euro *
PROTEC Travel Light violin case
lightweight case with plenty of storage space, 2,5 kg
249,00 Euro *
NEGRI Milano violin case
Stable oblong case with six-layer laminate wooden core
637,50 Euro *
HÖFNER Classic violin case
elegant, lightweight oblong case with thermo shell and fine equipment, only 1.6 kg
129,00 Euro *
NEGRI Venezia violin case
Oblong case with five-layer laminate wooden core and extra strong fittings
547,50 Euro *
GEWA Bio I S violin case
oblong case with bio-flax-shell, ca. 2,3 kg
142,70 Euro 129,50 Euro *
GEWA Maestro violin case
386,00 Euro 339,00 Euro *
GEWA Concerto oblong violin case
279,00 Euro *
GEWA Venezia oblong violin case
444,00 Euro 379,00 Euro *
GEWA Strato DE LUXE violin case
top class oblong case for 4/4 violin
427,00 Euro 379,00 Euro *
GEWA Air 2.1 violin case
only 2,1 kg weight, many different colours
495,00 Euro 429,00 Euro *
GEWA Air 2.1 violin case - Ray Chen Signature
Light weight of 2.1 kg, with design and signature by Ray Chen
749,00 Euro *
GEWA Air Ergo violin case
the most ergonomic violin case on the market, ideal as shoulder case
567,00 Euro 449,00 Euro *
GEWA Air Prestige violin case
Hard Shell Case with leather look combined with the excellent properties of the Air Technology
631,00 Euro 539,00 Euro *
GEWA Idea 1.8 violin case
carbon shell 100%, only 1.8 kg
980,00 Euro 839,00 Euro *
GEWA Idea 1.8 Violin Case
carbon shell 100%, only 1.8 kg, with subway handle and rubber feet
1.017,00 Euro 878,00 Euro *
RIBONI "uno e otto" violin case
handmade in Italy, with sheet music bag outside and removable backpack straps
499,00 Euro *
RIBONI "uno e otto" violin case
handmade in Italy, with sheet music bag outside and backpack system
499,00 Euro *
RIBONI Master oblong violincase
Italian master case, with 3 accessory compartments
849,00 Euro *
RIBONI Zero5 violin case
Italian master case
649,00 Euro *
GL Combi Case
Luxurious violin case in anthrazit, polycarbonate
849,00 Euro 699,00 Euro *
Jakob WINTER Greenline violin case
Oblong case made of natural fibers
159,00 Euro *
Jakob WINTER Performance violin case
water-repellent, stable construction, Made in Germany
139,50 Euro *
Jakob WINTER Lightcase violin
oblong, only 2,1 kg
99,50 Euro *
Jakob WINTER Luxury violin case
handmade luxury case, Made in Germany
399,00 Euro *
Jakob WINTER Greenline Carbon violin case
"Carbon Design" made of natural fibers, with removable music pocket, 2.0 kg
199,00 Euro *
Original JAEGER Prestige violin case
De Luxe violin case Made in Germany
689,00 Euro *
BAM Classic III violin case
Compact and slim looking
229,00 Euro *
BAM St. Germain Stylus violin case
a case for the regular full-size violin comes with a chic design and several extras
249,00 Euro *
BAM Stylus violin case
classic violin case, coupled with many extras, approx 2.9 kg
209,00 Euro *
BAM Katyushka Stylus violin case
traditional ornamental Russian design with real leather applications and embroidery
349,00 Euro *
BAM Signature Stylus violin case
classic violin case, coupled with many extras and real leater details, approx 2.9 kg
289,00 Euro *
BAM Hightech violin case
elegant Hard Shell Case, without music pocket outside, 2,4 kg
675,00 Euro 579,00 Euro *
BAM Panther Hightech violin case
special nano coating of the case, 2.6 kg, oblong shape with external sheet music pocket
689,00 Euro *
BAM La Défense violin case
classic shape with modern design in aluminum look, 2.2 kg
599,00 Euro *
BAM Classic violin case
the original one
295,00 Euro 199,00 Euro *
BAM Classic small violin case
the original one for small instruments
179,00 Euro *
BAM Artisto violin case
classic violin case in a simple shape
352,50 Euro 279,50 Euro *
BAM Hightech violin case
elegant Hard Shell Case with music pocket
794,00 Euro 649,00 Euro *
BAM Hightech Connection violin case
599,00 Euro *
BAM Hoodies case protection
Cover for BAM Hightech oblong cases, water resistant
127,50 Euro 119,50 Euro *
BAM L'Etoile Hightech violin case
Fashion meets Hightech, real leather cover on top, only 2 kg
799,00 Euro *

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