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AMATO cover backpack
for shaped cases, different sizes
72,60 Euro 49,50 Euro *
ARTINO Rain Cover Violin case protection
available in 3 colours, for shaped violin case
24,95 Euro *
ARTINO Rain Cover Violin case protection
available in 3 colours, for oblong violin case
24,95 Euro *
SENCASE Shape Case Cover
Padded, comfortable cover for violin shaped cases, waterproof
249,00 Euro *
SENCASE Oblong Case Cover
Padded, comfortable cover for oblong violin cases, waterproof
249,00 Euro *
PACATO De Luxe backpack system
For violin/viola cases
19,95 Euro *
PACATO Carrier backpack system for cases
innovative carrying comfort for your violin case
129,00 Euro 99,00 Euro *
PACATO Pattern shoulder strap
Patterned straps for violin/viola cases
12,95 Euro *
AIRCELL shoulder strap
universal, very soft Air Cell padding
29,95 Euro *
PACATO security cable
flexible steel rope, additional safety of the carrying strap at the case
2,95 Euro *
Case tag Classic
Made of synthetic materials, 5,5 x 9,5 x 0,5 cm, available in 4 colors
1,95 Euro *
PACATO Silk cover
for violins
9,95 Euro *
GEWA Classic silk cover
Protects instrument inside the case
14,95 Euro *
Conrad GÖTZ Micro instrument bag
ventilating microfiber cloth, for violin
21,95 Euro *
SENCASE Deluxe Instrument pouch
For violin, made of water-resistant Gore-Tex material
49,95 Euro *
BAM Single Layer silk bag
single layer, made of natural Thai silk, with draw string
49,95 Euro *
BAM Original instrument blanket
protective and isolating blanket, made of natural Thai silk
34,95 Euro *
Bow bridge
holds 2 bows
2,95 Euro *
Swivel bow holder
with 2 screws
1,95 Euro *
for violin cases
0,95 Euro *
Holder for string tube
2 pieces each with screw
0,95 Euro *
20 mm diameter
9,95 Euro *
String tube
for elongated strings
1,95 Euro *
for violin ans viola cases
9,95 Euro *
BAM Signature Stickers
Pimp up your case
19,95 Euro *

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