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PACATO Ultralight cello case
only 3,2 kg, with Carbon design
975,00 Euro 699,00 Euro *
PACATO Ultralight cello case
with mounted FIEDLER carrying system + sheet music pocket
1.228,00 Euro 819,00 Euro *
PACATO Ultralight PLUS cello case
only 3,5 kg, with Carbon design with velour lining
997,00 Euro 729,00 Euro *
PACATO Ultralight PLUS cello case
with mounted FIEDLER carrying system + sheet music pocket
1.293,00 Euro 859,00 Euro *
PACATO Classic cello case
Fiberglass cello case with brilliant finish, 4.9 kg
349,00 Euro *
PACATO Classic cello case
Fiberglass cello case with brilliant finish, 4.9 kg, with mounted FIEDLER carrying system
499,00 Euro *
PACATO Scratch cello case
Structured, insensitive shell, 4.7 kg
520,00 Euro 379,00 Euro *
PACATO Felice cello case
Top fiberglass cello case, only 4.5 kg
399,00 Euro *
PACATO Felice Wheels cello case
top fiberglass cello case, only 4.6 kg, with wheels
399,00 Euro *
PACATO Advantage cello case
With 30% carbon content, only 4.2 kg
469,00 Euro *
PACATO Comodo light cello case
pressed thermo-shell
248,00 Euro 179,00 Euro *
PACATO Comodo light wheels cello case
specially pressed thermal core-shell, with wheels
199,00 Euro *
PACATO Ultralight Montagnana cello case
Carbon design, suitable for wide cellos
985,00 Euro 749,00 Euro *
AMATO Opera cello case
Matt fiberglass case with diamond cut design, 4.4 kg
629,00 Euro 499,00 Euro *
AMATO Diamond Cello Case
Matt fiberglass case with diamond cut design and insensitive surface, 4.7 kg
449,00 Euro *
WUNDERKIND carbon cello case 2.9
100% high quality carbon fiber, ultra light with only about 2.9 kg, satin-finished design
1.299,00 Euro 995,00 Euro *
GEWA Air CelloCase
innovative cello case, optimal for traveling, reinforced outer shell with aluminum edge, only 3.9 kg
982,00 Euro 875,00 Euro *
GEWA Idea FUTURA 4.8 cello case
817,00 Euro 699,00 Euro *
GEWA Idea X-Lite 3.9 cello case
profi case, only 3,9 kg
1.209,00 Euro 999,00 Euro *
GEWA Idea Vario Plus cello case
GRP shell, suitable for oversized cellos
1.231,00 Euro 1.039,00 Euro *
GEWA Idea Original Carbon 2.9 CelloCase
2.055,00 Euro 1.699,00 Euro *
GEWA Idea Aramid Carbon 3.1 cello case
Professional cello case from the house of GEWA for highest demands
1.790,00 Euro 1.395,00 Euro *
GEWA Cello Case Protection Cover
Cover for GEWA cello cases
69,00 Euro *
BAM Classic cello case
anti-shock textured ABS shell
499,00 Euro *
BAM Classic Wheels cello case
antishock textured ABS shell and wheels
515,00 Euro *
BAM Hightech Shamrock cello case
the new generation of Hightech for cello, without wheels
749,00 Euro *
BAM Adjustable Hightech cello case
individually adjustable for 1/2 - 4/4 cellos
1.465,00 Euro 1.125,00 Euro *
BAM Compact 3.5 Hightech cello case
The Hightech expertise made in France, only 3,5 kg
1.279,00 Euro *
BAM Newtech cello case
metallic shell with Bam Hightech technology, without wheels
879,00 Euro *
BAM Hightech Slim 2.9 cello case
extremely light only 2,9 kg, in attractive metallic-look
1.479,00 Euro *
BAM Hightech Paris 2.9 cello case
Limited Edition Design, extremely light with only 2,9 kg
1.489,00 Euro *
BAM Hightech Défense 2.9 cello case
classic shape with modern design in aluminum look
1.629,00 Euro *
BAM Panther 2.9 cello case
special nano coating of the case, only 2.9 kg
1.539,00 Euro *
BAM L'Etoile Hightech cello case
Fashion meets Hightech, handsewn real leather on the top shell
1.899,00 Euro *
BAM Hightech Flannel cello case
Hightech shell with ultra light Grey Flannel fabric cover
1.999,00 Euro *
BAM L'Opera cello case
innovation BAM Hightech series with diamond cut design, only 3.3 kg
1.799,00 Euro *
BAM New Flight cello case cover
increasing protection while traveling by plane
599,00 Euro *
BAM Hoodies case protection
Cover for BAM Hightech and Classic cello cases, water resistant
159,00 Euro *
PACATO carrying system
for cello cases
29,95 Euro *
AMATO Hightech backpack system
29,95 Euro *
AIRCELL backpack system
Backpack system for cello, very soft Air Cell padding
182,50 Euro 129,95 Euro *

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