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Swivel bow holder
with 2 screws
1,95 Euro *
PACATO security cable
flexible steel rope, additional safety of the carrying strap at the case
2,95 Euro *
PACATO Ultralight cello case
only 3,2 kg, with Carbon design
975,00 Euro 699,00 Euro *
PACATO Ultralight cello case
with mounted FIEDLER carrying system + sheet music pocket
1.228,00 Euro 819,00 Euro *
PACATO Mezza Luna violin case
sporty design in 2 different variations, only ca. 1,9 kg
192,50 Euro 129,50 Euro *
PACATO Trekking Junior violin case
excellent violin case for children, adjustable from 1/2 - 4/4 size
219,00 Euro 149,00 Euro *
ARTINO Rain Cover Violin case protection
available in 3 colours, for oblong violin case
24,95 Euro *
AMATO Hightech backpack system
29,95 Euro *
PACATO Silk cover
for violins
9,95 Euro *
PACATO Paisley violin case
classy oblong case with details in paisley pattern
194,00 Euro 129,50 Euro *
PACATO Elegance violin case
classic, elegant oblong case, 2 variations
209,00 Euro 149,00 Euro *
GEWA Air 1.7 violin case
a safe lightweight, 1,7 kg
420,00 Euro 369,00 Euro *
PACATO Livorno flex oblong viola case
Solid oblong case, individually adjustable from 39 - 42 cm
119,00 Euro 89,50 Euro *
Bow bridge
holds 2 bows
2,95 Euro *
GEWA Classic silk cover
Protects instrument inside the case
14,95 Euro *
PACATO Livorno violin case
stable oblong case at an amazingly low price
99,00 Euro 69,50 Euro *
ARTINO Rain Cover Violin case protection
available in 3 colours, for shaped violin case
24,95 Euro *
PAGANINO Vinci shaped viola case
72,50 Euro 44,50 Euro *
PACATO Amalfi viola case
Made of composite fiberglass, adjustable from 36 - 42 cm, only 2.1 kg
179,50 Euro *
PACATO Silk cover
19,95 Euro *
ARTINO Rain Cover case protection
available in 3 colours, for oblong viola cases
26,95 Euro *
PACATO Comodo light cello case
pressed thermo-shell
248,00 Euro 179,00 Euro *
PACATO Shape violin case
Shaped case with storage space for accessories and bow, only 1.8 kg
159,50 Euro *
PACATO Vinci violin case
inexpensive student case in various designs
54,00 Euro 37,50 Euro *
20 mm diameter
9,95 Euro *
AMATO cover backpack
for shaped cases, different sizes
72,60 Euro 49,50 Euro *
GEWA Air 2.1 violin case
only 2,1 kg weight, many different colours
495,00 Euro 429,00 Euro *
PACATO Pupil violin case
light and inexpensive shaped case
49,95 Euro 29,50 Euro *
AIRCELL shoulder strap
universal, very soft Air Cell padding
29,95 Euro *
PACATO Comodo violin case
elegant, light oblong case
199,00 Euro 129,00 Euro *
GEWA Air CelloCase
innovative cello case, optimal for traveling, reinforced outer shell with aluminum edge, only 3.9 kg
982,00 Euro 875,00 Euro *
ARTINO Rain Cover Viola case protection
available in 3 colours, for shaped case
26,95 Euro *
PACATO Classic Fiber viola case
Composite fiberglass case, adjustable from 31.5 - 46 cm body length, only 2.6 kg
199,00 Euro *
PACATO Shape viola case
Shaped case with storage space for accessories and bows, adjustable up to 41,5 cm, only 2.2 kg
189,50 Euro *
BAM Hightech Contoured violin case
The Hightech expertise made in France, only 1,6 kg
439,00 Euro *
PACATO Silk cover
9,95 Euro *
PACATO Protect cello bag
15 mm padding with silk interior
49,50 Euro *
PACATO Comodo viola case
Elegant oblong case for size 40,5 cm
229,00 Euro 149,50 Euro *
BAM Hoodies case protection
Cover for BAM Hightech shaped cases, water resistant
117,50 Euro 89,95 Euro *
RIBONI "uno e otto" violin case
handmade in Italy, with sheet music bag outside and removable backpack straps
499,00 Euro *
PACATO De Luxe backpack system
For cello cases and cello bags
19,95 Euro *
AMATO light violin shaped case
Elegant shaped case featuring a stable wood core
97,50 Euro 69,50 Euro *
PACATO Performer viola case
Especially compact shape, adjustable for violas up to 42 cm, only 2.3 kg
219,50 Euro *
Holder for string tube
2 pieces each with screw
0,95 Euro *
Jakob WINTER Greenline Carbon violin case
"Carbon Design" made of natural fibers, with removable music pocket, 2.0 kg
199,00 Euro *
PACATO ShortCut violin case
Extra short case, ideal as a travel case, only 1.5 kg
169,00 Euro *
BAM Hoodies case protection
Cover for BAM Hightech shaped cases for violin, water resistant
109,00 Euro *
RIBONI "uno e otto" violin case
handmade in Italy, with sheet music bag outside and backpack system
499,00 Euro *
PACATO Carrier backpack system for cases
innovative carrying comfort for your violin case
129,00 Euro 99,00 Euro *
Conrad GÖTZ Micro instrument bag
ventilating microfiber cloth, for violin
21,95 Euro *
SENCASE Deluxe Instrument pouch
For violin, made of water-resistant Gore-Tex material
49,95 Euro *
BAM Hightech Slim 2.9 cello case
extremely light only 2,9 kg, in attractive metallic-look
1.479,00 Euro *
BAM L'Etoile Hightech violin case
Fashion meets Hightech, real leather cover on top, only 1,7 kg
639,00 Euro *

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Flexible viola cases

Viola cases are mostly arranged in a way, making them suitable for different viola sizes because of the flexible readjusting of the interior. The Jakob Winter Professional viola case has an interior carriage, and at the AMATO coffee viola case the interior is adjustable from 36,0 cm to 43,0 cm. very inexpensive but still solid is the PACATO Livorno flex viola case.

Cello cases with minimum weight

Der Pacato Cello Case (Ultralight) is very stable in spite of its weight of only 3,2 kg. The GEWA Ultralight Cello case (Gewa Cello Case) is very light with only 3,2 kg but also pleasant for carrying. Especially beautiful and light cello cases at unbeatable prices are the Pacato Comodo cello case and the Pacato Classic cello case.



Inexpensive violin cases

It isn’t necessary for violin cases to be expensive in order to have a good quality. Our inexpensive violin cases are qualitative and long-lasting. The most popular one is the PACATO Livorno violin case with back pack cover. The Gewa violin case (Gewa Strato de Luxe) is a light violin case with very good equipment components. The AMATO coffee violin case is also beautiful.

Cello case or cello cover?

A cello case is very stable and protects the cello when it’s carried around a lot. Popular cello cases are Accord CelloCases, the Gewa cello cases and the Pacato Ultralight cello case. Inexpensive cello cases like the Pacato Challenge cello-case also have a good quality. The cello cover – soft cello case is an inexpensive alternative, offers quite good protection for your instrument with minimal weight.

The violin case – different types

The violin case is available in different versions: as shaped case and as oblong case.Very inexpensive are the Pacato violin cases, of high quality there are the Gewa violin cases, the violin case by Jakob Winter and the Bam violin cases (Bam Hightech). Absolute luxury violin cases are the Riboni violin-case and the new GL violin-cases made of Italian leather.