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PACATO Brazilwood viola bow
39,50 Euro *
AMATO Carbon SOLIST viola bow
Very good carbon bow
159,00 Euro *
ARTINO Brazil viola bow
Student bow made of Brazil wood, octagonal
54,95 Euro *
DÖRFLER Brazil Primo viola bow
selected Brazilwood stick from the German master bow maker, octogonal
159,00 Euro *
DÖRFLER Pernambuco Secondo viola bow
specially chosen round pernambuco stick by the german master bow-maker
399,00 Euro *
CodaBow JOULE viola bow
the most innovative of all CodaBows
743,00 Euro 655,00 Euro *
AMATO Carbon fiber bow SOLIST wood
Very good Carbon bow with wood design
179,00 Euro *
CodaBow DIAMOND NX viola bow
Carbon bow with Kevlar acoustic core
485,00 Euro 419,00 Euro *
HÖFNER A.S. Carbon viola bow
very good carbon fiber bow crafted by the renowned German violin workshop Karl Höfner, round
149,00 Euro *
HÖFNER Student viola bow
Simple brazilwood bow for students, round
74,50 Euro *
MÜSING Carbon viola bow C2
Very good Student bow for a full size viola with a beautiful carbon stick
495,00 Euro *
MÜSING Carbon viola bow C3
»The middle class« by MÜSING for advanced violists
685,00 Euro *
Conrad GÖTZ Brazil viola bow
very good student's bow, round
149,00 Euro *
MÜSING Carbon viola bow C4
First class, light carbon bow for professional violists
945,00 Euro *
Conrad GÖTZ Pernambuco viola bow
very good Pernambuco stick from the German master bow maker, round
299,00 Euro *
MÜSING Carbon viola bow C5
Master bow made of carbon, concert bow with great sound
1.295,00 Euro *
CodaBow DIAMOND GX viola bow
new carbon fiber bow
869,00 Euro 789,00 Euro *

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Viola bows at Paganino

Viola bows are offered as a wooden bow or a carbon bow. The wooden bow SCOLAR Manilkara for viola bow is a good student bow. The DÖRFLER Fernambuk Primo viola bow is a prime viola bow by German master bow maker. A popular carbon bow is the Carbon SOLIST viola bow. The CodaBow Joule viola bow is a masterly professional bow with a stick, made of Kevlar.

The right viola bow

The viola strings get stroked with the viola bow. The octagonal stick of the viola bow has often an ebony frog. Optionally it is made of Brazil wood (mater violin bow by Dörfler). There are also carbon fibre bows (carbon fibre viola). The viola bow maintenance is essential for the preservation of the bow. To rosin a viola bow the Amato rosin is especially suitable.