Bows at Paganino

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For violin, viola, cello
11,95 Euro *
PAGANINO protect bow protection
for violin and viola bows
4,95 Euro *
Bow Hold Buddy grip-aid
bow grip-aid for violin/viola by Things4Strings
34,50 Euro 29,95 Euro *
KAPLAN Premium rosin
for violin, viola, cello
14,50 Euro 10,95 Euro *
PACATO bow corrector
for violin, for learning of a proper bow movement
14,95 Euro *
GON POPS rosin
for double bass
16,50 Euro 13,95 Euro *
KAPLAN rosin
for violin, viola, cello
9,75 Euro *
PIRASTRO Oliv/Evah Pirazzi rosin
for violin, viola, cello, bass, optimized for Pirastro Oliv and Evah Pirazzi strings
13,95 Euro *
W. SALCHOW rosin
for violin, viola, cello
16,95 Euro *
abc Arm-Bow-Corrector
for violin/viola, easily improve your bowing skills on string-instruments, for beginners and advanced players
29,95 Euro *
ANDREA A Piacere rosin
42,95 Euro *
ANDREA rosin
for violin, smaller cake
29,95 Euro *
JADE from L´Opéra rosin
for violin, viola, cello
14,95 Euro *
ANDREA rosin
for violin
39,95 Euro *
LARICA Rosin Gold I
for violin, metal rosin after original Liebenzeller formula
26,95 Euro *
Virtuoso Wrist Practice Aid
Wrist support for beginners, suitable for adults and children
24,95 Euro *
PACATO Doppio bow case
Double case for 2 violin-, viola- or cello bows
61,50 Euro 34,95 Euro *
ANDREA rosin
for cello
39,95 Euro *
PACATO Bowstopper
for violin/viola, to exercise specific bowing
9,95 Euro *
LARSEN rosin
for cello, antiallergenic
18,95 Euro *
PIRASTRO Evah Pirazzi GOLD rosin
for violin, viola, cello, optimized for Evah Pirazzi GOLD violin strings
28,50 Euro 23,95 Euro *
for violin, viola and cello
3,95 Euro *
AMATO Gold rosin
optimized for synthetic strings
14,95 Euro *
PACATO Portello bow case
Bow case for 2 bass bows
46,95 Euro *
PACATO Beginner violin bow
29,50 Euro *
for violin
15,95 Euro *
HIDERSINE de luxe rosin
dark, for violin and viola
7,95 Euro *
GEIPEL Golden Basic rosin
for violin, viola, cello
6,95 Euro *
CelloPhant grip-aid
bow grip-aid for cello by Things4Strings
34,50 Euro 29,95 Euro *
Mark! Set! Go! Fingerboard Tapes
economical solution to easily mark finger positions, includes thumb fuzzy for correct positioning, for violin/viola of any size
4,95 Euro *
HILL rosin
for violin, viola, cello
13,95 Euro *
Bow Hold Fish grip-aid
bow grip-aid for violin/viola by Things4Strings
26,50 Euro 22,95 Euro *
LARSEN rosin
for violin, non-allergenic
16,95 Euro *
ANDREA A Piacere rosin
39,95 Euro *
for violin, viola, cello
9,75 Euro *
Pierre Guillaume rosin
for violin, viola, cello in metall box
19,95 Euro *
ANDREA rosin small
for cello, small cake
29,95 Euro *

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The bow case as protection for the bow

In order to protect your violin bow or cello bow at the transport from damages, you need a bow case. The bow case exists in different versions for violin bows a viola bows, cello bows or double-bass bows. A bow case protects the bow from dirt and dust.

The rosin makes the bow alive

Through the application of the rosin (colophony) the frictional resistance of the bow stroke gets increased compared to the string and thereby the sound production is made possible. Without rosin, the striking of the strings would stay ineffective. By buying rosin you should take care if best quality. The Amato rosin is highly estimated as violin bow rosin.

The cello bow dominates the sound

As the cello string all in all are stronger than violin strings, also the violoncello bow is more powerful than the violin bow, being able to summon up the required tension for the cello play. Cello bows consist of a Brazil wood bow, of frog and covering. Carbon bows are getting more and more popular, e.g. by the company CodaBow.

A good violin bow caresses the ears

A good violin bow is very important for achieving an optimal sound result. Violin bows consist of bow, frog and covering and are made out of Brazil wood, Pernambuco (Dörfler violin bow) or of carbon fibre (carbon violin bow). The violin bow maintenance is necessary, so that the violin bow can be used as long as possible.

The bow– the secret of sound production

The sound is produced with the striking of the bow over the string. The bow consists of the stick, the frog and the covering. The stick can be made out of wood (brazil wood, e.g. Dörfler bow) or carbon fibre (e.g. violin bow carbon). At Paganino you’ll find violin bows, viola bows, cello bows and double bass bows.